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"Eventually I will get to the point. Being alive is a treat."
Grasping this concept is something I've had a hard time doing- in the sense of worry. When we worry not, we may say:
"Because there are 9 ways to think about the game: 12 if you include the one you're in" "because you are you" and because I am straight."
(If) However, "J alon Anonymous 10/24/20 (Sat) 03:49:28 No.7" from /test/ took his photo of "The" Alexander Ocaissawich (see post) nude: anon would be defined as a "Spoiled Brat".


I see. I must feel. I agree.
inb4 sage


heavy are the eyes that fall.
light is the head that declines.
i still remember every spring.
imaginarily i (I) recline.


ya man I mean sure if you wanna, but bring beer or something if you wanna crash


RARity in vault


RARity in vault

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